Waterproof Stepper Motors

Waterproof Stepper Motors

Automation of industrial processes often requires automation equipment to operate in the presence of water and aqueous fluids. Step motors are prone to short term failure in these conditions because they have several water entry point that make sealing virtually impossible.

Operating temperatures produce corrosive steam inside a motor, drastically shortening motor life.

Empire Magnetics’ waterproof step motors are specifically designed to address the corrosion and sealing rotating shafts and other fluid entry points.

Features include integrated design/solution to provide reliability in a water environment. The stainless steel exterior, bearings and shaft are highly corrosion resistant. the motor body is sealed with O-ring using integral housing seals. Double sealed cable entry excludes any entry of water. A specific mounting face gasket was designed to seal the motor to the mounting surface. The motor is filled with oil and a pressure equalizing diaphragm option is available for submersion applications. Other points of water leakage are dealt with by integral shaft seals and heavy winding insulation prevents short circuits.