TPDM10 single-axis servo drives have a power rating of 1x 6.6kVA. The space-saving TPD-M series combines up to 3 servo drives in a single housing with a common energy sharing DC-bus – cutting costs while improving productivity, safety & performance.

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GV-U3 servo drives have a power rating of 1.1kVA, feature simplified tuning/configuration and offer the options of a basic controller, a powerful 6K multitasking motion controller with Ethernet connectivity or a ±10V & step/direction command interface


  • Maximum Shaft Power : 880W (continuous)
  • Power Output Rating : 1.1kVA
  • Drive Input Supply : 1*120-240VAC
  • Output Current : 3.0 A (continuous) / 7.5 A (peak for 6s)
  • Feedback Options: Quadrature Encoder, Resolver
  • Communications : RS232/485 serial port, Ethernet (GV6K only)
  • Control Options : ±10V and Step/Direction, Basic Controller or Multitasking 6K Motion Controller
  • CE (EMC & LVD), UL Recognized
  • RS232/485 serial communications for setup
  • ±10V analog command input (torque & velocity control)
  • Step/Direction or CW/CCW position command input; Encoder tracking
  • Variable resolution for encoder signal output and command input
  • 5 digital inputs (enable, reset, user fault, negative limit, positive limit); 5-24VDC selectable
  • 3 digital outputs (drive fault, position error, at limit); open collector, 300mA sink capability
  • 1 analog input, 2 D/A monitor outputs, 1 relay output
  • 1 encoder input (8MHz), 1 encoder output (programmable to 1,024,000 counts/rev post-quad)

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