The E-AC low cost microstepper drives have a 3.5Apk output, a resolution of 50,800 steps/rev and accept industry standard step/direction command signals. They feature an anti-resonance circuit plus 4 predefined current waveforms to optimize smoothness

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GT6K-L5 microstepper drives have a 5Apk output, a resolution of 128,000 steps/rev and a powerful 6K multitasking motion controller with Ethernet connectivity. They offer many advanced features including Electronic CAMs, Scaling, Following & Registration

Parker’s premier microstepping drive/controller, the Gemini GT6K-L5 is the most powerful addition to the Gemini Stepper Drive Family. This full-feature, standalone microstepper drive/controller offers a complete motion control solution in one economical, compact package. The GT6K-L5 drives offer a 5A output, a 128,000 step/rev resolution and comes complete with the same features, connectivity and front-end software tools as the Gemini GT and GT6 series stepper drives. In addition to offering many of the drive features of the Gemini GT, and control features of the Gemini GT6, the GT6K drive/controllers incorporate the flexibility and control functionality of Parker’s 6K Controller – to allow highly advanced motion control and sequencing capabilities for unrivaled flexibility in many distributed-control applications. The GT6K is easily configured/programmed via RS232/485 using Parker’s Windows-based Motion Planner™ software package. The GT6K also offers connectivity to any ASCII-based serial device, including HMI panels and PLC ASCII modules. Products such as OPTO 22™ SNAP I/O, DVT™ Vision Systems and ABTM SLC 5/05 PLC platforms can also be used for data chaining using the GT6K’s Ethernet Client feature.

• Active Damping™, Electronic Viscosity™ and ABS Damping™
The Gemini GT microstepper drive follows in the footsteps of Parker’s ZETA stepper drive family and offers Active Damping™ (patented) and Electronic Viscosity™ (patented). The Gemini GT drive goes one step further with the addition of ABS Damping™ (patented). This damping feature is for speed ranges from 0 to 0.1 revs/sec. This “no fuss” feature requires no user set up and dramatically reduces settling time.

• Encoderless Stall Detect™
Encoderless Stall Detect™ allows detection of a motor stall without adding an encoder to an application. Stall conditions result from inequality of commanded velocity to actual velocity at the motor shaft, regardless of physical reason. The user will be alerted to a stall condition via LED, digital output, or via query over the communication port. Stall sensitivity can be adjusted with a single parameter.


  • 24V Keep Alive (24VDC supply required) – keeps logic alive if AC power is removed
  • Error Log—records 10 most recent errors with time stamp
  • Approvals: UL Recognition, cUL, CE (LVD), and CE (EMC)
  • Configurable/Programmable via RS232/485 using Parker’s Motion PlannerTM
  • Drive Input Supply : 1*120VAC
  • Output Current : 3.5 Arms / 5.0 Apk
  • Resolution : 128,000 steps/rev
  • Combines the powerful features of the 6K Motion Controller with the Gemini GT Digital
  • Microstepper Drive for a complete standalone stepper solution in one small package
  • Full ASCII communication capability and Ethernet communication
  • Control features such as following, registration, multitasking, PLC scan, electronic cam profiling,
  • S-curve profiling, scaling, high-level math functionality and more
  • Program storage: 300KB standard (battery backed)
  • Daisy chaining of up to 99 units
  • Simplified configuration and tuning
  • 8 programmable inputs and 6 programmable outputs (expandable up to 256 I/O points)

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